Steam Train

It’s been a while since I’ve been inspired to take out the camera and shoot, and there’s still a lot going on in our lives that’s going to make things challenging for the next few years, but when I found out that they were running a steam train from Brisbane to Longreach, I knew I was going to try shooting it at least some of the way. And so I dragged myself out of bed at 5:00am last Thursday morning to to drive to Emerald in time to catch it. 750+km later I made it home, after chasing the train all the way from Emerald to Barcaldine. I took a heap of shots, including a full roll on the 645N, a full roll on one of my EOS-3’s, a full roll through one of Nanna’s Box Brownies, plus a heap of digital shots on the 60D. Maybe overkill, but hey, how often do you think they’ll run a steam train out into the sticks like this?

Of course the curse of using film is that now I have a long wait for development and so on, so for now, here are a selection of my favourite digital shots.


All in all I was quite happy with how I went, although I did learn a few things for next time – like they’re likely to run another one out here anytime soon? Although that being said today I found out that they’re running it out to Charleville during my time off at the end of May, so maybe I’ll chase it then as well?

Also snapped this video with my phone:

Shannon Walters

An amateur photographer who also spends time making chainmaille and doing too many other things to mention.

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