Clermont Car Rally & Tamron 51B Shots

Back on 7 June there was a small classic car show down at the local markets. Given that Clermont has about 2000 people, it was understandably much small than the big shows down around Brisbane, but I was quite impressed by the number of nice cars there were. It also gave me an opportunity to test out my Tamron Adaptall-2 17mm 1:3.5 Model 51B on a full frame camera (in this case, my EOS-3).

The Tamron 51B is the widest lens I’ve used on full frame, so it took a bit of getting used to, and since I wasn’t sure how well it would perform I didn’t take as many shots as I normally would. Honestly, I’m quite impressed. The corners seem a little soft at full resolution, but it does seem to be sharper on film than it is when I tried it out on my 60D APS-C body. I’ll have to do more testing, maybe with some slide film instead of the cheap negative film I’ve used here (Kodak Gold 400).

In this case I had the lens itself mounted on a genuine Adaptall-2 Pentax ES (M42) mount adapted to Canon EF via a good quality M42-EF adapter with AF confirm. After thinking about it a bit I think that the problem I had on the 60D might’ve been the Olympus OM-Canon EF adapter I was using, which were incorrect ones sent to me that I didn’t need to return. Now that I have the M42 Adaptall mount I might have to test it out again that way.

It’s also pretty clear that I need to work on my wide angle composition a bit more. Since most of my work so far has been tele and/or macro, I’m not too good at wide angle… yet.


Shannon Walters

An amateur photographer who also spends time making chainmaille and doing too many other things to mention.

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