Works in Progress

It's a grader.

It’s a grader.

Update 2: And now I’ve decided to make some more changes. I should be finished by this evening (Saturday).

Update: So I’ve got most of the changes I wanted to make finished, but (and it’s bad form on my part I guess), I decided to start this customisation project the day before we’re due to go away to Mackay for a weekend. SO it’s going to be staying like this for the next few days. Most of the recent posts should be working properly, but the top navigation is blank links at the moment till I can setup the rest. Finalisation of the changes should be complete on Sunday afternoon/evening.

I’m going to be doing some stuff with the site, with a new theme, etc. So yeah, until I get all the settings updated it’s going to look a little bit weird. I’ll update this post once I’m finished.

Shannon Walters

An amateur photographer who also spends time making chainmaille and doing too many other things to mention.

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