Updated: Maintenance and Upgrades

It's a construction related image... sorta...

It’s a construction related image… sorta…

Update 17:34: All the changes have been made and the new site and theme are online. I’m pretty sure I’ve picked up most of the bugs.

So what’s changed? Firstly, despite saying in my last post about these changes that I was planning on sticking with the existing Pinboard theme, I decided after much screwing around to ditch it in favour of Mantra by Cryout Creations. The level of customisability in this theme is amazing, and it’s very easy to use – so much so that as soon as I’ve got a bit of spare cash I’ll be sending them a donation in thanks. That being said, there’s nothing inherently wrong with Pinboard, and I do still recommend it to others, but it just wasn’t right for me here.

Additionally, as mentioned before, I’ve split of the portoflio section of the site to its own subdomain: portfolio.shannonivanwalters.com based on a slightly altered version of the same theme, and updated the A Year In The Life Of subdomain to match as well. At this stage I cleared all of the existing posts there as well, because I’m going to have to restart now that I’ve finally got some more PZ680 film. Other than that things should be mostly the same, but if you spot any glaringly obvious bugs/glitches/etc, please let me know.

It’s been a little quiet for the last few weeks, but the good news is, I’m finally ready to carry out the changes I’ve talked about before. The problem is it’s going to take most of this afternoon to get everything finalised. As such, the site might look a little bit weird over the next few hours, but after that, my new theme (which is a lightly customized version of one of the best themes I’ve ever found on WordPress) will be fully setup, the new subdomains will be fully up and running, and I should be back to my semi regular posting schedule.

Once everything’s up and running I’ll get rid of this post.

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An amateur photographer who also spends time making chainmaille and doing too many other things to mention.

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