Eriophora Sp.

As much as I love using film, and love the results from my new Pentax 645N, I have to admit that there are certain types of photography that are much easier and more convenient on digital. After dark macro using wireless off camera flash is one of those areas.

Yesterday morning when I took our dog out I noticed a fine strand of spider silk coming down from the power wire to our house, and traced it down to the hedge along our front fence. Quite a sizeable length. Despite my best efforts, I couldn’t locate the spider, but I was fairly confident from the structure of the orb that it belonged to one of the Eriophora species.

Anyway, yesterday evening I went back out and found her spinning her web again in preparation for the evening.

Eriophora Sp. 02 Eriophora Sp. 03 Eriophora Sp. 04 Eriophora Sp. 05 Eriophora Sp. 01 Eriophora Sp. 06 Eriophora Sp. 07 Eriophora Sp. 08

All shots on my 60D w/EF 100mm Macro and off camera 430EXII Speedlight.

Shannon Walters

An amateur photographer who also spends time making chainmaille and doing too many other things to mention.

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