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I’ve been wanting to find one of these to photograph since I first got interested in photography, and it was well worth the wait… I’m planning to get a better ID on the thing a little later on, but it’s quite late, so I thought I’d just do a few … Continue reading


A Change to the Photo-A-Day Thing

So as anyone who’s been following my somewhat sporadic posting will know, I have on a number of occasions started different 365 Photo/Photo-a-Day things, which have never really gone anywhere. First time was due to loss of interest, second time was loss of interest, third time was difficulty acquiring good … Continue reading

Dramatic Skies

I went out to try and shoot some storms that were forming late yesterday afternoon, but unfortunately I still wasn’t well enough so I had to come home before I’d even managed to get any shots at all. One the way back, I couldn’t miss stopping to shoot the beautiful … Continue reading

Hibiscus Harlequin Beetle

Whilst I was staying with my parents over the holidays, I spent a lot of time out in the yard helping dad with his car, etc. Late on afternoon we discovered a swarm of hibiscus harlequin bugs (Tectocoris diopthalmus) on an unidentified tree in their backyard whilst setting up some … Continue reading

A Christmas Present

Whilst we were in Brisbane we decided we’d take the opportunity to have a look around at what kinds of snakes were available for sale. There were a couple of places where the pythons for sale were so aggressive the shop assistants couldn’t even take them out of their enclosures … Continue reading

Reinventing Myself

Not really, just reinventing my online presence to more suit what I’m trying to achieve. Now that photography is becoming a more important part of my life, and now that I’m starting to get to the point what I’m interested in maybe selling a few prints, I’ve decided that it’s … Continue reading

Old Work – QPSR & First B&W Film

Stacey and I recently changed the software we’re using (both OS and specific photo software) so we’re taking this opportunity to go through all of our old digital images and sort them out, and rescan all of our older film images and sort them as well. I decided it’d be … Continue reading

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